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A week past the election, and still plenty of disagreement about the results.

That means this is another week where you have the opportunity for the other chumps out there to get massively distracted by the political war games … while you go about quietly building your Hampton Roads business, your team, and your financial outcomes.

Only you decide these things.

If you want help to look over your business financial profile before year-end, we’re right here: 757-857-1880

There may yet be some moves we can help you make to save your Norfolk business bigly on taxes.

But like I said, this is a week to BUILD — before the holiday crunch, and things get even busier.

And it shouldn’t be only YOU focusing on these things…

The Seven Primary Tasks For Any Hampton Roads Business Team
“Sooner or later, those who win are those who think they can.” -Paul Tournier

What are the most important tasks in your business?  Taking care of customers and growing revenue

Add any trendy business philosophy you want on top of that, and it still gets down to the same thing.

So … EVERYONE on your business team should either be adding revenue or helping to control expenses.  I suggest you (constantly) ask your staff — and yourself — what they can do to help:

1.         Get more customers
2.         Keep customers longer
3.         Increase the amount of each transaction
4.         Control expenses
5.         Get more referrals
6.         Get good online reviews
7.         Make operations more efficient

So, in that vein, here’s a discussion you can have at your next team meeting:

* Review and discuss these 7 issues
* Ask everyone to write down the things that would help them do their job better (or obstacles that are in their way)
* Ask everyone to write down ideas for each of the 7 issues between now and the next staff meeting
* Review everyone’s first draft privately or as a group in your next staff meeting

Everyone in your business must be involved in growing revenue or controlling expenses.  They must see their role in that part of the business.  And YOU — the business owner — must keep that discussion alive and dynamic.

This is especially true when almost everyone is bound to be distracted by the doings of 2020.

Now is the time to lead.



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